Research Reventón is a collaboration with Amy SanchezElizabeth Conn-Hollyn. Over the weekend of October 24th and 25th in 2015 we organized a research event that took place in Tijuana. We asked 11 artist from Los Angeles and Tijuana who work with international borders to gather together for a weekend long party + encuentro to think about:

-(How) Does the presence of the border/borders alter our making/thinking?

-(Does) What are ways that our work + practice makes room for “the other”?

-How does the site of Tijuana/San Diego confirm/disovow/complicate the hegemonic narratives that we live/perpetuate? 

Each artist presented their work in relation to these questions over the course of two days, and a year later, October 2016, we've released the publication (PDF here) from the event with contributions from each participant. The publication was translated by Anenta, a language justice and language experimentation collaborative. My personal contribution to the event can be found on Page 92 of the PDF.